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Free Youtube To MP3 Converter Stops sometimes at 0,50% (4 posts) [closed]

Hey all,
My first post here, and i hope we well find a solution for this :)
Well my problem is this..
Sometimes, when i import lots of videos into ''Free Youtube To MP3 Converter'' some of them wont download, they got stuck @ 0,50%
I skip this video and go to the next one, and that will work, and after 5 Video ,10 Or maybe 20 Videos later it will got stuck again. :/
is there any solutions for this? i googled but no results.



Hello! Please, indicate the version of the program you use. Try to use our Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Beta. Please, inform me about result via help desk. Write in the subject "For Nikky, forum 5581"

Hi, Im very sorry about my late reply,
Anyway, i have tryed that Free youtube to MP3 Converter and that worked perfecly,
And i saw also there was a update availible, and when i updated evrything worked perfectly
Without any problems.

Seems its solved now.
Thanks anyway, and im sorry for my late reply


Ugur, great that program works for you! Enjoy using it!

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