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Some files were not opened: (10 posts)

Hello. If I try to add a video, I have a problem. I click add files to my getting out the window:
Some files were not opened:
123.avi (file name contains invalid characters)
Please help me. I am Russian 12 years old I do not speak English. I used google translate..
Pliz help of this. THNX

Tim, можно писать нам по-русски :-)
Какую версию программы ты используешь? Данное сообщение появляется для всех файлов? Или некоторые ты можешь загрузить на YouTube?

Have a nice day,

I am using the version of 3.3:14 and when opening files I wrote and I quote:
"warning Some files were not opened:
Move it.avi (file name contains invalid characters). "
in the file name I have no special characters, so I do not know what the problem is.

Thank you for your reply

Just installed the free 3GP video converter software.  I would like to convert a 3GP file to avi.

When I "add" my 3GP file I get the warning message box: "Some files were not opened"

What is the problem here?

I have a Dell intel core2 processor with Vista service pack 2 computer.

thanks for the software and your assistance is appreciated.

I would like to register as requested, however, I do not want to sign up for a
Twitter account.  I have the two files as requested -- may I send another way please?

Anna Johnson
Carol, you don't need to sign up for your twitter account. Just register without filling this field.

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