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Youtube updated. So you can't download anymore. Please update your program (13 posts) [closed]

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Can't download either gets the same message, it seems they have coded the vids now so you can't download them. Also looks newe now with "black playing bars" instead of the old tht was there before

It seems like the youtubedownloader needs to be updated so you can download again from youtube

please fix it

I just noticed this problem as well. I downloaded audio from youtube this afternoon and it worked fine. But just now I tried and it said something about a "conversion error." When I paste the URL into the downloader, the video title no longer comes up- it has a bunch of code instead. Any idea when the software might be working again?

I have the same problem with the program, i cant download music from youtube anymore

Yup keep trying, but won't go. Stupid Youtube. Not everyone wants to buy a CD or even pay a dollar 50 for a song. Sigh when will be the earliest a new one will be up?

Same problem here. And yes, the cause is YouTube's update.
I just wanted an administrator to give us the link to some official theme where we can track the information about this issue.

Yeah, I tried to download a video and when i pasted it onto the program, it SHOULD have read what the title of the video is, but it came out as a code-looking sort of thing. it was working fine for me this morning, but now i cant download music or videos! so sad. =*(
please get to the bottem of this and thanks for your hard work!

You can set your output name to anything, but as long as html code comes up in the filename, you have to uncheck include title.

Yep I have the same problem, ugg youtube :(

Youtube been updated today for me it worked fine on tuesday now we just receive an error i think another updated is due =( . Silly Youtube !

Same for me, tried to download a video but it just will not work.
Unusual code before the normal YouTube info

>    <span id="eow=title"class=""dir="title="

The same code is also included when I use the mp3 converter, but that seems to be working ok at the moment.

Yesterday, I was on it and it worked perfectly but today, all of a sudden, it just doesn't work. I tried to update it but it still doesn't work.

Could you please fix this problem cause I (and everyone else above me) would really rather like to download music and vids for free then having to spend all our money, especially in this economy.

Alright people don't freak out, this happens from time to time!  Not only is it the new player on YouTube but also they change up their coding every now and then so Converter just has to figure out a patch.  Since it just happened today, expect an update tomorrow or the next day for them to patch this up.  Thanks for the product!  Its a great product and let us not spoil it by complaining that they haven't fixed it in a day....

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