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YouTube Downloader stopped working. (10 posts) [closed]

I recently updated to Free YouTube Downloader 3.0.18 build 1123, and I am getting an error that says 'Download Failed: Video Detection Error.'

I click the info and it tells me to check proxy settings which I have never bothered with before on older working versions. I tested the previous version and it seems to load just fine. I would really prefer to use the latest version instead, so please help me work around this.

I also get the same error for YouTube to iPhone, iPod and MP3.

I have the same problem :(

I 've done all the instructions even on the older version such as 3.0,16 and it doesn't work. Last month it works just fiine,but now it won't work. Please help us with our problem

I've tried IE and FF with all my YouTube software; none work. That guy can download select videos while I can't download even my own.

5 re-installs, and it only worked when I revert to the previous version of Downloader. I didn't even try, but it seemed to have detected the video and let me click the Download button.

I really hope this gets resolved soon.

Any news if this has been fixed?

I think you'll find it's YouTube...  I've tried to download using online sites also, and they can't detect the video type either.  Youtube have recently updated the site, if you want my opinion they've altered something to ensure people can't download video's now.  It would make sense since they have just introduced their pay per view movies on the site.

I don't think so. because I've tried downloading a trial version of youtube downloader to see if it can download video from youtube and it does.

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