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Youtube to mp3 convertor only gives FLV (10 posts)

  • Started 2 years ago by Rob de Jong
  • Latest reply from Alice
Rob de Jong
When I open the program "Free Youtube to MP3 convertor, the home screen is normal as always. I can select the quality of the mp3....but when I\m trying to download a youtube video (to mp3!) I get a FLV file?
when I go to "options" in the youtube to mp3 convertor, it says wanted videoquality??? (to mp3 convertor yes!)
tried reinstalling the studio several times. what is wrong?

Same here! i dont know what to do =(

hi...this may help you...

There is a very simple procedure you need to follow in order to convert you favorite videos to mp3 format. You need to copy the location of the video you want to convert. Then you have to select the format in which you want to convert the video from the list of options available. For example, if you want to convert the FLV file to MP3 format then you may select the option of mp3 and have to press the option of “convert video”. It will take some time to convert the video to mp3 format depending on the size of the file. Moreover, you may convert your favorite YouTube video to mp3 even before downloading the file on your computer. With the help of these applications you may convert videos directly from the website. 

It is very important to choose the right converter in order to convert your videos. You may try several converters in order to select a converter which may provide good video as well as audio quality to the video after conversion. Moreover, you need to be cautious of the malicious software which may harm your computer. You can take help from various websites which gives ratings to the applications according to their popularity. Some of these websites may provide customer feedbacks which enables you to choose the right application for your videos. It can convert your videos conveniently within few minutes.

By using a good video converter you may conveniently convert your videos and can share them with your friends.

Hi! Please, go to Options - Output, do you have "Save original (non-converted) YouTube files" option checked? Uncheck it, and look for the output in this folder: C:\Users\<user name>\Music

Rob de Jong
it worked...but does it have to download the FLV before he makes it mp3?...don't remember it being like that before

Uncheck the option, if you don't need it.

I've found if a download is interurpted or if you check before it has finished the file is .flv.   However once it is completely downloaded it changes to .mp3.  Wierd but true

Ian Brown
Please explain your problem in more details. YouTubeToMP3 first downloads FLV (video in general) and then converts it to MP3. It is normal cause YouTube doesn't 'give' MP3-s to anyone, just video streams.

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