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Can't Install Youtube to MP3 Converter! (3 posts) [closed]

  • Started 3 years ago by Tan-chan
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I have an really irritating problem. I had to reinstall my Windows XP and now I can't install the Youtube to MP3 Converter. It keeps saying that I need to install .Net Framework but I already have it installed. I have tried rebooting the computer and reinstalling the Framework but nothing helps.

What to do?

Hi Tan-chan, thank you for your report. In fact there some known issue concerning .Net Fx installation but let's check some details of your case.
1. Have you installed xp SP3? It is required. SP2 may be enough in some cases but SP3 is an official prerequisite.
2. Please keep in mind YouTube programs require not .Net Framework version 2, but v. 2 SP 2. The latter is Service Pack for .Net Framework, not Windows XP.

Thank you for your reply Ian Barco.

1: Yes, I have SP3 to XP.

2:  That one I didn't have installed on the computer. I installed it and now it worked. Thank you so much for your help!

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